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Exitus Elite is a membership-based online business that has been "built from the ground up" with your success in mind. Membership gives you access to everything you need to run a successful online business, including replicated websites, lead capture pages, auto responders, resources and training. Our systems monitor all aspects of your business, making things incredibly simple.

Now you can earn $1,000 PROFIT over and over again by offering memberships to others, who then purchase the "Genesis" product package from you. The best part is we have eliminated the main cause of failure, the main problem faced by 90% of the people trying to make money online; that is, they simply CANNOT SELL!

With our systems, there is NO EXPLAINING, SELLING OR RECRUITING! Just spread the word about Exitus Elite and watch YOUR income, along with your lifestyle, start to improve almost instantly!

It does not matter if you are a seasoned "pro" or just starting in the online business industry, Exitus Elite is exactly the business you have been looking for!

Pay Plan

You get paid 100% commissions. This means that you get to keep ALL of the profit on every $1,000 product sale that's made by you or by our Automated System. Our Pay Plan is incredibly easy to understand because we only have one product level ($1,000).

We use the proven, one-up concept which gives you UNLIMITED paylines and generates serious income!

Even more exciting, you will never have the situation where you have to pay "roll up" commissions  to someone else after you have done all the work!

Sales Automation

90% of people looking to make money online CANNOT sell! This one fact alone explains why so many people fail. At Exitus Elite there simply is NO EXPLAINING, SELLING, OR RECRUITING. 

We have completely automated 90% of the sales process by utilizing the very latest communication and video technology.

Our systems find interested prospects, show them the opportunity, and "close" them into your business and you get paid!

How simple is that?

The Genesis Library

To keep everything really simple, Exitus Elite has only ONE product package, priced at just $1,000. In fact, when compared to any other online business, our "Genesis" product line is without a doubt the most complete and comprehensive package available online.

With Genesis, you will become one of the most knowledgeable, skilled entrepreneurs on the internet today.

What Else Is Included?

Okay, as if you haven't seen enough yet, what else does your Exitus Membership include?

How about EVERYTHING you will need to have a successful online business! For example, you get access to Lead Capture Pages, Auto Responders, Contact Management Systems, Lead Tracking, a State-Of-The-Art Back Office where you can easily manage all your commissions and group, and so much more.

Plus, you get a comprehensive Resource Library containing the very best lead and traffic sources, enabling you to have a continuous supply of prospects for your business in an easy, cost-effective way.

Anyone Using Our Powerful Systems Can Start Making $1,000 to $4,000 a Month, Or More!
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