The Company

Exitus Elite is an online educational program...

...that teaches individuals the skills, concepts and applications needed to run a successful online business. There are three Educational products to choose from Basic, Advanced and Elite.

Exitus Elite was founded in August 2014, by Paul Stevenson and Pam Parker. Today it is owned and operated by CUG LLC, 24411 Ridge Route Dr STE 200 Laguna Hills CA 92653.


I no longer feel like a newbie and was able to build my own website after watching the Wordpress training!


Dawn - Sarasota, FL

Paul Stevenson

Paul has spent over 25 years in the Sales and Marketing Arena and is considered to be an expert in this field.

He has worked at both a corporate level and as an affiliate. His unique style of training, combining cutting-edge techniques and "off-the-wall" humor, has proven very successful. Having built numerous sales organizations in excess of 10,000 members, and having travelled the world to present and train at company functions, there is very little Paul cannot help you with in your quest for online success.

Having decided that the internet and online was the way the world was moving, Exitus Elite was established with a single goal... to teach anyone willing to learn, the exact skills needed in order to achieve online success.


I have learned so much by using these great products. But the best part was learning from the comfort of my own home.


Chrissy- Little Rock. Ar