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CUG LLC, DBA Exitus Elite has a strict REFUND Policy.

We offer a 7 day Money Back Guarantee on the Exitus Elite Admin/Resale Rights fee payment of $299.00.

Should you wish to cancel your payment and request a refund please send and email to: with your reason for requesting the refund. This must be done within 7 days of your initial purchase.

A handling fee of $29.00 WILL be applied. You will receive a net payment of $270.00.

If you proceed with this purchase, YOU are confirming that you agree to this Refund Policy and will NOT instigate a credit/debit card charge back or dispute any payment, after 7 days has elapsed.

We will actively pursue through legal means any member, customer or affiliate that breaches the conditions above. You HAVE to agree to these terms before applying for membership. All legal hearings or procedures will take place in CA. USA. All and any costs incurred whether legal or otherwise will be included in the claim made against you including travel and loss of time.

Please do NOT proceed with your purchase if you DO NOT accept this Refund Policy and its Terms, and ONLY make your payment via credit/debit card if you understand the consequences of breaking these conditions.