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“This amazing company helps people around the world gain the knowledge needed to become successful in all walks of life. You can be one of them!  
However, too many people are always learning but never earning!
With Exitus Elite you can do both…..learn and earn.
If you do what they teach you, you can unleash the Conquering Force within you, to reach your full potential. 
Then by simply sharing this world-class business with others you can make serious income and help others to the same! Way to go Exitus!”
Jack M. Zufelt
"Mentor To Millions"
ImmanUel, Netherlands - FEBRUARY 2018
"What a fantastic business to be a part of. Before I got started with Exitus, I had never made a single dime online. The value you will find in Exitus Elite is far beyond what you will find elsewhere.
Within just a few short weeks of getting started, I earned more than $7,000 in instant commissions!
I was then able to treat myself not only to one but two fabulous vacations in the Bahamas and Jamaica and enjoy the sun and the beautiful crystal waters of the Caribbean.
Furthermore, one of my very own referee made $10,000 in instant commissions in his first 30 days of doing business online, having been struggling with other companies for a long time before!
If you want to learn how to grow your very own online business too and have the freedom to work where and whenever you want, let’s get you started into high gear and help you grow your online business successfully."
Montreal, Canada
March 2018
"I have been with Exitus Elite since Day One in 2014. I made $12,000 my first month using their simple system, and the money just keeps coming in.
This is the best single business I’ve seen since I started working on the web 18 years ago, it’s truly life-changing..  I love that members get their money back with their very first sale, and there is no limit to the amazing Top-Tier income members can receive, regardless of experience.  The tools make it easy for everybody to succeed."
"Since I have joined Exitus Elite I have gained a wealth of knowledge about how to market on the internet. In the beginning I was looking for a way to market and promote my business on line and I didn’t know how.  
Then I found Exitus…… easy step by step instructions made it easy to follow.  Tutorials for the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and many more.  
There is so much value! Not only tutorials but interviews from some of the top MLM millionaires. Giving tips and strategies on how they achieved their success!  I feel like I have gone to online marketing and sales university.  I highly recommend Exitus for any business!."
MARCH 2018
March 2018
I’m often asked by individuals looking to start an online business, how can they get started.  I also have seasoned network marketing professionals ask if I know of any training programs with great content they could share with their teams, I always answer, “Of course I do, it’s the Genesis Library offered by Exitus Elite.”
You see I was just like them, I knew it was an area I wanted to explore, but I had no idea where to start. I recommend to them what a friend of mine on Facebook recommended to me when I asked the very same thing!  Exitus Elite offers a business model which allows individuals like myself to actually earn income while learning the different aspects of owning an online business.
After reviewing the Genesis Library that Exitus offers, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  There are so many courses to choose from, but one of my favorites is the Facebook Live Blueprint, an in-depth 10 part video series on the why, the what, and the how to use Facebook Live to promote yourself, your business, or share a very important message
The Genesis Library is a MUST HAVE for industry leaders looking to up their game and educate their teams.
November 2017
Dan, Minneapolis, MN - DECEMBER 2017
"The value and variety of the courses available in this business is second to NONE and an owner more committed than Paul Stevenson to assist all the Affiliates to succeed I have not yet met. 
I know I've made the right decision to make Exitus my home."
MARCH 2018
Sam, OXFORD, GA - Feb 2018
"I’ve tried for some time to enter the online business space and failed so many times, for several reasons, and then I came across Exitus Elite. What drew me to this business was the Founders values, ethics and his proven transparency.  He really cares about his community, not just in words, but in his actions. 
I felt I could trust him, and his company to show me how to break through the wall that held me back. I wasn’t wrong. I’m so glad I took that leap of faith and listened. Exitus Elite is a very straightforward business to help you make money. It provides you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business beyond anything you ever expected or even hoped. 
Exitus Elite you can thrive and survive in the online business space.
It’s your time to rise and take it to the bank!"
MARCH 2018
March 2018
BILLY - Etobicoke, CAnada - March 2018
"2 years ago if somebody had told me I could make $1k in one day, I would have called them a scammer! My mindset at that time was not ready for selling high priced products, I was scared, had no confidence in myself and was struggling to sell a $20 product.
The first time my mentor told me about Exitus Elite, I thought this is not for me, I’d never buy an educational library for $1,000 especially with it being in English and hard for me to understand! I thought to myself, how could I ever benefit from this product with my English being so bad?
But my mentor wouldn’t give up on me.  He stopped talking about the product and explained the compensation plan to me and showed me how this had the potential to change my life. I don’t think I slept for 2 night wondering if I could really become successful with the Exitus program. I knew that that if my mentor was joining the program, that it must be great and full of integrity. I also knew how successful he had been with his other companies.
The next morning I made a decision. I no longer wanted to stand on the sideline and watch the game, I wanted to be in the game, I wanted to become the MVP of the game. Something inside of me said, If you listen and follow his plan, and do the work, you will be successful just like him. So I joined Exitus Elite.
I downloaded the products from the Genesis Library and started listening to them in my car while driving.  I especially like the courses within the personal development training library. It didn’t take me long to realize not only was I really pushing myself forward, but my English was starting to improve from listening to all the courses.
I finally learned what I had been doing wrong for so long, and why I had not been able to sell that $20 product.  Here’s how I fixed it, I stopped talking about the features and benefits of the products, and I started to talk about how the Exitus Elite opportunity could change lives!  Shortly after changing my approach, I had my very first $1k Day!
If you only see dollar signs in your eyes, you will never succeed. But, if YOU recognize by helping and showing others how they can change their lives, there will be unlimited income potential for all."
MARCH 2018
JOHN, ANYTOWN, MS - March 2018
"Hello Everyone,  my name is Maggie Huffman and I just wanted to say that I personally met Paul approximately 4 years ago when Exitus was in its infancy.  Paul impressed me with his honesty and integrity and his unbound determination to make Exitus the gem that would release people from the constraints of a conventional job. He has proved beyond doubt that his determination has not wavered and I am grateful to be associated with Exitus.  Kudos to you Paul and thank you. "
January 2018
March 2018
KEITH, PROVO, UT - March 2018
"Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by, I am Manojkumar from India. Your search for making money online ended the moment you found the Exitus Elite website!
Exitus is the only platform a person with no prior marketing skills or experience can start an online business, removing the tension and stress individuals often experience when they have no knowledge in these areas. You don’t have to be a copy writer or worry about writing follow up emails, you don’t even need an Autoresponder.  Exitus has already done all that for you and it’s all located in one place, your Exitus Back Office.
What I find interesting and simple about Exitus Elite, you can get started within 10 minutes of becoming a member. All you have to do is start promoting your very own replicated Exitus website!  They provide their members with different pages which appeal to people with different interest. Trust me, if you have the fire to be successful and make it big, then Exitus Elite can help you achieve that goal.
See you inside YOUR back office soon."
March 2108
NATASCHA & YAN - Cooroibah, AUSTRALIA - March 2018
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